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myhcgdirect.com HCG Diet Drops - Sublingual HCG for Fat Burning, Weight Loss & Body Shaping - Burn Up To 2 Pounds Of Fat A Day - Burn Fat Without Exercising - Diet With No Hunger Pains - Keep The Weight Off Long Term - Help Reset Your Metabolism - Mold And Reshape Your Bod - The myhcgdirect is based on the Simeons HCG protocol for weight loss. This protocol is designed to take advantage of the bodys natural hormonal system of regulating fat stores in your body, and stimulating it to release the stores of dense, long-term brown fat from the problem areas on your body. These are fat stores that would normally only be released during severe starvation or during pregnancy. This method of weight loss was developed by Dr. ATW Simeons, MD, a British doctor who spent most of his career in India and Italy